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Monday, September 13, 2010

The Old and the New


My father has been busy putting into reality a dream of mine . . . an indoor clothes line. You see, in the old days a clothes line you could raise to the ceiling was a standard home fixture. And, being mean (as well as a little lazy) I refuse to buy a clothes drier as I know I’d use it more than the weather warranted. So this is my compromise. It’s made of super light aluminium and has a fabulous pulley system where I just haul it down and up as I need to put washing on it.


I was very impressed with how quickly Dad grabbed on to my vision and made it a reality. So while the concept is old, this is new and very exciting.

And there’s more new and old developments this week. My parents have just invested in a fancy new plasma television that’s big and bright and shiny. That means we get their old fancy television that’s big and bright and not quite so shiny. We’ve been very happy with our little telly as it does the trick and, as I stated before, I’m a bit mean and could not justify spending thousands of dollars on something you blob on the sofa and look at. But when we turned our set on the other day nothing happened and it made some alarming clicking noises somewhere in the rear so I’m figuring it’s on its way out. What fabulous timing that we’re getting a new one. Kayley did her best to con me into putting the “new” one in the children’s toy room but I was having none of that. They can have the old one I’m afraid.

Well, with one hour left of my child free time I’d better go do a little more relaxing before I go get my baby girl. The morning starts seem to be getting earlier and earlier at the moment and I need to chill our before the chaos begins again.

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