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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kindy Bliss


Once again it’s been an age since I’ve posted. It never ceases to amaze me how life just gets in the way sometimes. But, being busy has also been rewarding . . . especially for Rogan.

He started at kindy last week and, apart from being a very tired little boy, he’s a very happy little boy. He is in absolute bliss hanging out with other big four year old boys; he’s got loads of fun things to do all day every day; he’s bringing home lots of his creations (mostly to do with paper and flying machines). But his best day was yesterday when he was allowed to bring home the kindy camera to capture some of his favourite things from home.

I had to edit the shots after he’d gone to bed as there were many grand features such as an empty sofa, the base bricks of a wall, and countless shots of the back of Janae’s head.

Here are a few samples of Rogan’s “favourite things”.

IMG_8677 This is Chester the giraffe . . . Rogan’s bed toy.


Two of Rogan’s favourite things in one shot . . . his little sister and the television.


And his train set, hiding under his bed waiting for a rainy day.

Creatively it’s been a slow month. I’m currently working on my long red cardigan . . . yes still. It’s coming along, but I had a wee glitch I’m afraid. I completed the fronts and the back and decided it would be a good idea to lay it out on the table to see how it looks. I then discovered that the fronts were a good three inches longer than the back. Hmmmmm, how could that have happened. It was not an error in the pattern (which I was certain had to be the case) but instead it was my need to get it finished before the weather became too hot to wear it. Instead of 12 rows between increases I’d only done eight. Alas it required pulling apart and fixing which, thankfully, hasn’t been too arduous.

I’m also eager to complete this project as my fingers and brain are aching to make something else. I have in mind a little lacy something for the summer. These days my wardrobe tends to be developed on clothes that would be appropriate for singing on Sunday mornings and a nice, sedate but elegant jumper I’m sure will be just the ticket.

I’ve also been making little paper boxes for Mainly Music. Our mums are very reticent in telling us when their birthdays are so we’ve decided on “spot” prizes each week. I had the bright idea of making boxes and putting some chocolates in them.The only trouble with bright ideas is that they have to be undertaken. It took me about three hours to make seven boxes but I’ve now borrowed a guillotine to cut the paper so it should be much quicker going; and Kim’s offered to come round for coffee, cake and an helping hand one evening so we’ll be all set in no time.

Well, that’s enough knitting procrastination. 24 rows to go before I’ve completed the back . . . again. Best go. Have a wonderful day.

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