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Friday, November 12, 2010

Cable Chaos


I started my next project yesterday, and then started it again, and then started it again. Just prior to the third attempt I almost gave in completely and made something else, but my stubborn nature got the better of me. I thought to myself, I know how to knit and I know how to read so I should be able to do this and I will if it kills me. Finally by 1am this morning I was starting to get the hang of it all.


And this little chart here was the big problem. It’s not entirely accurate. There are four rows on this chart that call for four stitches where there are only two. Once I’d figured that out I was on my way and now I’ve completed the first pattern repeat.

I started with the back of the garment as that’s probably the best place to make all your mistakes and bungles and, trust me, there are plenty in here: the forgiving thing about an intricate pattern is that they’re harder to spot. And you’ll notice that I’ve taken to writing all over the page too. This isn’t something I do lightly as I have this insane sense of respect for a printed page. However, these little scribblings and notations have been something of a saving grace as I don’t have to keep counting rows that are repeated, I just check the list of stitches I’ve written down and bingo, I’m through another tricky section.

The only real downside of this is that it’s not a child friendly project. I simply cannot, even with notes, some confidence and a modicum of patience, knit this while the children are around. Ah well, it’s a good thing they’re still young enough to put to bed early and have plenty of time to knit in the evenings. And, my vegetable garden and other parts of the outdoors will be pleased to receive a little more attention too.

I’ll be sure to keep you posted on the progress of this. It’s good to know it’ll never get too boring to continue with.

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  1. It looks amazing and I love the colour. Sorry I didn't stop for a chat at the bus stop yesterday - I had to go up to Auckland and pick Mum up from the airport. Love Kate xxooxx.