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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rip Roaring Retreat

I’ve just come home from a wonderful weekend away with a bunch of women ranging in age from 80 to 20 up in the Kaimais at a little place called the “Lazy Tramper”. Actually, a more aptly named venue for yours truly couldn’t possibly have been found.

It was a weekend filled with laughter, inspirational speakers, glorious food and a New Zealand singer, Nicky Moran, that everyone has to hear. Nicky has the most amazing voice. While I hate to pigeon hole anyone, she is like a modern amalgamation of Carole King and Norah Jones but so much more. And I was so blessed to be given her latest CD by one of the ladies at the retreat.

I charged my camera up especially to take lots of photographs but never got around to taking any so I’ve added some of the children playing when we got home. So often, after I’ve been away for a couple of days, it’s difficult to get into the swing of things and we fall out. Today we’ve had a lovely couple of hours in the searing heat.


We filled up the paddling pool and wallowed for a bit in cold water. We got the bubble mix and blew bubbles.

Janae, our little bee whisperer has been chasing bees around the lawn. I keep waiting for the scream that we associate with a first bee sting but it’s yet to come. She can pick them up with her bare fingers, stand on them, pick them up in all sorts of containers and they’ve yet to sting her. It’s coming though, I’m sure.


And on Friday, before getting away for the weekend, I finally finished the back of my jumper. Whew, what a marathon. But now I’ve done one side I know I can do another. I’ve just about completed the ribbing on the front and, once the children are tucked up in bed, I’ll do some more out in the cool evening air . . . that’s assuming there is going to be some cool evening air.

Right, fights are erupting so it must be dinner time.

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