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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Too Hot to Think

Today has been one of those days where I wonder what the weather will be like come February as it’s so warm and it’s only December (just). But, jobs to be done so no slacking due to heat.

We have Janae’s birthday party on Friday and I couldn’t have little girls wading through knee length grass to get to the outdoor toys; thus the mower was deployed. I only mowed a week ago and I still managed to get 15 catcher loads of grass off. In between I had to stop to de-head lice my children. Poor little Rogan has picked up some nasties in his hair and was sent home from Kindy. So, out with the conditioner and all three children are in the process of transforming from the “unwashed” to the washed once again.


It’s the Mainly Music final session tomorrow and it’s the Christmas special. This morning Janae and I were at Carolyn’s wrapping children’s presents, sampling her delicious shortbread that makes up part of the mums gifts and have quite a chat and giggle. But I had to come home and get started on my contribution to morning tea. Usually we have some fabulous women from our congregation that have a roster and provide morning tea for the mothers, but we’re special lady-less this week so it’s down to us. I’ve been perfecting my neenish tarts in preparation for Christmas and I’ve managed to churn out these delicious little treats for tomorrow. The best part is, my children don’t seem to care for them so there’s no danger of them being snapped up early in the morning. Neenish tarts always make me think of Christmas as they were the true sweet treat my mother always made. I think they lasted until Boxing Day and that was it until the next Christmas.


And I had to share this picture with you. The other morning Janae was being a little troublesome due to getting up far too early so I threatened to send her off in my suitcase to some place exotic. She thought this was a great idea and jumped in ready to go. Her pillow nor her koala fitted in the case so I’m guessing she postponed her trip until I can get a bigger case.

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