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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cakes, Decorations and Tantrums


I can’t decide what’s more stressful: very tired children in desperate need of a holiday; or a stressed out mother who has done no Christmas shopping, almost no Christmas baking and has only one more child free day before the holidays start.

Knowing that cake decoration is not my forte I’ve decided to share with you my effort for a Christmas Cake. I did have gorgeous photographs of the un-iced version as it shows a beautiful Victorian fruit cake from a recipe handed down for generations in my mother’s family. Unfortunately I accidentally deleted the photographs rather than transferring them to the computer as my kids were all having a tanty about something or other.


There are two major flaws with this decorating . . . the first being the heat of our New Zealand summer. Fondant only seems to want to wilt in this weather and gets damper instead of setting properly. The second is that I rolled the fondant way too thin. But we live and learn and the kids think it’s the most beautiful Christmas cake ever crafted. They’re so sweet.

As for the knitting, well it’s taken very much a back seat over the past week. There just isn’t the time right now to relax of an afternoon and enjoy watching the children play while I create. This is the key reason I’m looking forward to next week. Apart from the last minute dash around the supermarket on Christmas Eve to get all the truly fun and naughty food, my preparations should be over with by tomorrow night so we’ll be able to head down to the park/beach for sand and swing fun; we should be able to relax around the house and enjoy the heat and the paddling pool; we should be able to sleep late without worrying about catching busses, making school lunches and driving up to kindy every day. (I know that the “sleep late” thing is but a dream, but that’s the stuff life is made of they tell me.)

Now I’d best go get my oldest girl organised for her school prize giving. She’s not up for any awards but she insists on going along every year. Thanks again to Kim who is ferrying her about once again. I realised today that Kim has fast become a “chocolate cheescake friend” . . . the kind of friend I have to make a double chocolate cheescake for to say thank you for all the wonderful help she gives us.

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