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Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Janae


As I write this blog Janae and Rogan are playing on Janae’s new water slide. Well, Rogan’s having a ball and Janae is so tired from all the excitement she’s sitting naked in the middle of the lawn crying. However, don’t let the current mood lead to you believe that her third birthday has been anything other than very successful.


Her gifts were opened excitedly by six thirty this morning. Thankfully, the scooter was a huge hit. Every person who arrived this morning was greeted with a display of how clever she was on it.





All her gifts were received with a very grateful “Thank you” before being ripped into with glee. Here she is carrying Nanny’s gift in.




There was, of course the mandatory licking of the icing bowl to be undertaken this morning.





Lots of yummy food to be eaten . . . most of it sweet and tasty . . . which will account for a good deal of the mood going on right now.



And a birthday cake to be eaten. I apologise for my huge lack of finesse in cake making. It really is not my forte, however, when you’re three you don’t really care do you?


Now I’m counting down the hours until bedtime. We have another huge day tomorrow with celebration lunches for Nana’s 65th birthday and then the Christmas carols in the park tomorrow night. Boy, it’s going to be a long day on Sunday.

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