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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Celebrating Birthdays through Crochet

Wow, what a long time since I posted. Life has just got in the way and the habit left me. Much the same happened with my crochet too. But, I’ve managed to find the bug again and it all started with whipping up a beanie for my brother who is heading to Christchurch to help with the earthquake clean up. I had so much fun doing that that I had to make something more.


Janae’s little friend is turning three and is absolutely mad on tea sets so I had thought that I’d make her some fruit and veges; this, however, requires knitting with four needles and was slightly outside my patience scope and skill level. I can knit with four needles if there are about 20 stitches, but anything less than ten and I’m hopeless. I’m sure I’ll find a quiet space sometime to really have a good practice, but felt that the language that was a result of thDSCF1648e efforts wasn’t healthy for my children’s ears.

So, back to crochet, I’ve been busy making all sorts of fun things. I’ve started on half a dozen cupcakes. I plan to go to Spotlight and get a silicon mould and put them in it.  Here’s Rogan pretending to eat them.

I’ve also been busy on an ice cream in a cone. It’s been an effort to stop the children from licking it because it really does look quite yummy. DSCF1646I think Kayley was wishing it was a real one.

Finally, I’ve made a hat as that’s my core craft at the moment. The children’s grandmother is taking her crafts to market every weekend and I asked her if she’d like to sell my hats. Hopefully our birthday girl and her mother will like this one.

I think I might take the flowers off, separate them and re-attach them differently though as DSCF1647they’re a little bit too dominant for my tastes.

So, here’s hoping that my crochet mojo is back for some time yet and my blogging mojo as well.

I’m planning on whipping up a batch of macaroons for our girl’s night soon so I’ll be sure to blog them on the other page.

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  1. Fantastic - I love the cupcakes and the ice cream has worked out so well. It takes a while for the kids to stop trying to eat everything doesn't it. Love Kate xxooxx.