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Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Goal Achieved and a Sneaky Lady Bird


Ever since I started making hats (about two years ago now) I’ve had an image in my mind of a black hat with red cherries on top. Two things stopped me: I didn’t know how to knit or crochet a cherry; and would a black hat be okay for a child? Well, blow it, I’ve finally done it.

My poor girls watch me making all these hats for other people and wonder if the next one will be for them. Janae put her order in today. “I want cherries, a leaf, a flower and a lady bird” she told me. Hmmmm, all a bit much for one hat to go on a small head. I haven’t added the flower but . . .


I did put a sneaky little lady bird on the back for her. I promised I’d have it ready for her to wear to church tomorrow so I’m up late hastily sewing on the little bits. Tomorrow I’ll ask Kayley what colour she wants and what decorations. I’m dubious abut this as Kayley is the girl whom I keep telling “less is more my darling” and she just doesn’t seem to get it (unless we’re talking about home work).


The other hat I completed today was also outside my “little girl” comfort zone and done in blues. Having two girls I’m completely over the whole pink and purple colour scheme. I think there’s a conspiracy somewhere to make mothers dress their girls in only two colours. So, when it comes to hats, I’m trying to really branch out a bit. Of course, due to the colour conspiracy, there’s the possibility that these hats wont go with anyone’s wardrobes and, therefore, won’t sell. Ah well, it’s still fun making them and if they don’t sell Kayley and Janae will be the best dressed heads in town. All I have to do now is make some labels for the bags they’ll go in. I’m leaning towards a name like Heavenly Head Warmers. Yes, a work in progress I think.

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