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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Beautiful Birthday Celebrations


I should have known by the gorgeous invitation that my friend’s birthday celebrations would be more than just coffee with friends. What a fabulous morning we all had.

We arrived to find the Royal Dolton tea set on the table alongside the silver tea and coffee service. Tiny club sandwiches, pumpkin and white chocolate brownies, asparagus rolls tied with delicate ribbon and other treats festooned the table. But that was just the beginning.


Inspired by the recent Royal Wedding and all the “fascinator” hats that appeared, Corleah had organised all the little gems required for each of us to make our own fascinator. It was so much fun and it never ceases to amaze me how creative people can be. We all had the same stuff to work with and yet not one looked like another. We’re determined to wear them to my Crazy Cranium night tomorrow night and possibly to church on Sunday. I, however, have to sing, so I’m not sure I’ll be brave enough to stand up there with a flower and feathers on my head. We’ll just have to see.

You know, it’s amazing what a difference a couple of years makes in one’s life. Two years ago my mother left me with three children I’d only just been given care of to spend eight weeks in England. I knew virtually no one and found the whole time stressful and hard work. She’s over there again right now and I feel a little guilty admitting that, as yet, I haven’t missed her too much. This is a huge thank you to those women who have embraced my little family, who call me friend and who have made a huge impact on my life through their friendship.


One of the ways friendships have been forged is through a shared love of creativity. I have started on the vintage gloves and am loving making them. Of course, women in the 60s and 70s tended to be much smaller boned than we are today and there is no way these gloves will go over my pudgy fingers. This delights Kayley no end as they’ll be keeping her little hands warm this winter. I’m almost finished the first glove and will start the second tonight I would assume. As for the socks . . . they’re not completely out of the picture yet. The lovely ladies at our local wool shop have kindly promised that if i take my work in they’ll teach me how to complete them. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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