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Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Crazy Cranium Girls


Some friends and I have been getting together from time to time to have a rip roaring time over the Cranium board. This event has obviously been talked about much and our group of six women has grown to around 15 now. Last night we got together once again and there was so much laughter I’m amazed we didn’t wake the children.

We always have this event my house as there’s no husband to throw out for the evening and all the other husbands can babysit their respective children. I had, however, been quite concerned about the new-comers to our little gathering; this was not out of any need to keep our group select, but purely because I didn’t want anyone to realise just how mad we really are. I shouldn’t have worried too much as they fit in perfectly and are (I say in love and companionship) as mad as the rest of us.


But,there’s always one casualty. We chose our teams randomly pulling numbers out of a bowl so there can be no “match fixing” but poor Megan has managed to be a part of the losing team every time. I kind of had a feeling this might happen so prepared a booby prize just for her. We presented Megan with the “lemon” of the night award. I’m so pleased she has a great sense of humour as she loved the hat and vowed to wear it where ever she goes. As I was laughing myself off to sleep last night I did think I might make a “cleavage” shaped hat for the next gathering so we can truly have a “booby” prize.

But now I’m bleary eyed, my fingers don’t work properly due to such a late night last night and I have to be up at 6am tomorrow so I’ll sign off with a promise of a post about Kayley’s completed gloves and my latest project . . . winter warmers for premature babies at our local hospital. Can you believe that a sleeve for a prem baby from wrist to armpit is only six centimetres? That’s insane; the poor little darlings.

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