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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Gloves and things

As promised, here are the completed gloves. They're already a little soiled as our Kayley can't wait to wear anything new. She's being a bit shy in this picture though.

I have to confess that knitting the second glove was a little more difficult than the first as you have to think backwards a bit. Sometimes I get a bit frustrated with patterns that simply state "Make as first but in reverse". If only it were as simply as sitting backwards to knit it.

We're far from disappointed though and I have a feeling they'll be used a lot this winter and Kayley will be thankful for them. She'll be asking for a matching scarf next.

Now I'm working on some cardigans, hats, mittens and booties for premature babies. I just love to make baby clothes but my children are far from babies now. I also know that finding clothes for these beautiful but tiny children can be a challenge so I've decided to make some. I'll take my girls and the outfits up to the maternity ward when they're complete and hopefully we might get a sneak peak at the snuggly bundles that might get to wear them.

I'm just so astounded at how little these babies must be. In fact, I was so concerned that I'd be ending up with a garment fit for a barbie doll that I measured Janae's new "baby" this morning. Polly Precious (don't you just love the names children come up with for their toys?) appears to be the same size as the measurements for the smallest pattern size. This means that the garments will fit nicely. Thank you Polly Precious.

We have a banana cake in the oven (the timer has just gone off) and three hungry boys waiting patiently for it to cook and cool so they can eat it so I'd better get cracking. Oh, which reminds me, there were no photographs of the much anticipated macaroons. Why? They were all eaten in seconds so not time for photographs. I think Nicky confessed to having five so they must have been good. I've ordered "dummy" cakes for next time so they can at least make it to the tower stage before being eaten.

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