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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Kybosh

Just after posting yesterday about all my tea cosy plans I got a phone call regarding a six year old birthday. Hmmm, what would this have to do with me? Well, it seems I've been hired to create some girlie loveliness through crochet. I have been asked to create some jewellery as well as ten head bands as party favours.

So the tea cosy has been tossed into the bottom of the basket and I've been rummaging around for ideas of what I can create.

I have made a start on a necklace. I had thought I'd do flowers and then I kept coming back to the concept of beads and how beautiful a long necklace made of large beads looks. Last night as I made the first couple I did feel like I was fighting a war with toothpicks as the stitches are so little and my fingers are not. But I'm so pleased with the result. I'm using cross stitch silk because it sews up so glossy and glass bead like. I'm also adding some texture to others with little beads throughout. Today I managed to find these gorgeous metallic looking threads. I'm resigned to the fact they'll be absolutely awful to crochet with but I'm determined to work it out.

I also splashed out on this pot of glorious pink. I will use these beads to break up the crochet balls as well as for centre pieces of the flowers I'll attach to my headbands. I'm going to have to hide this jar away from my girls as they'll be all over them and I'll have nothing left for young Ava.

This is the start to my headband creation. Ava's party theme is Paris (as in the city not the person) so her mum and I discussed the whole Moulin Rouge idea of feathers; every girl needs sparkles so I'm going to use the little adhesive diamonds in descending size down one side and I hope to have a crochet and beaded flower with feathers on the other side. I'll have to make a prototype for mother to approve of before i go ahead and make all ten.

So as you can see there's no room for tea cosies today. I also have to finish a hat I was asked to make for Megan's grandfather, I need to start a hat for Sophia's birthday on Saturday and tomorrow I'm starting my ottoman. We are planning on taking step-by-step photographs so that we can share a tutorial with you here so keep your eye out!

No more time for the luxury of blog posts today. I must dash and make something before the afternoon school run. See you soon.

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