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Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Madness Returns

I got my trip to the library today. Unfortunately the book I really wanted wasn't available and I've had to order it. I love Nicky Epstein as her designs are soooo amazing. And her book Block by Block is just fabulous. Check it out on Amazon so you can "leaf" through the book to see what I mean. It's such a great book I'm seriously considering purchasing it as I think I'll use it quite a bit.

Anyway, sock fever returns to my home. I found this great book today that teaches you how to knit socks from the toe to the top rather than the reverse. Do you remember how I'd managed to knit my first attempt at socks all the way down to the toe and then got completely stumped? This is a problem no more. Working from the toe up is way easier. Well, it's easier if you have complete quiet, count aloud to yourself, write down exactly how many stitches you knit in each row and talk to yourself muttering phrases like "and now slip, one, two . . . ".

I'm attempting this "basic" pair of socks as my first go. I will confess to starting five times before getting anywhere near happy. I'm nothing, if not stubborn. I wasn't letting these little suckers get the best of me.

And here we have the first half of the first foot. I'm knitting in four ply baby wool as I wasn't going to spend out on proper sock yarn until I knew if I could get the hang of it or not. Tomorrow I'm going to make a secret squirrel trip to the wool shop to get a couple of balls of sock yarn. I know I said I didn't like stripes but, hey, a girl's gotta have a stripy pair of socks. And, because the basic ones have proven to be straight forward, I might even attempt a pattern on the next pair. I can feel a new obsession coming on. Best give up one of the existing ones first.

So, child free day tomorrow, gardens all up to date, have cried off coffee group so that, as soon as the hoovering is done, beds made and washing put on the line I have a date at my kitchen table with a pot of tea, four knitting needles and my current favourite book.

Speaking of tea . . . does anyone know of any really great tea cosy patterns floating about the ether? I have a special friend I want to make a cosy for as a thank you gift. Of course I'll have to get her a teapot for it to go on too.

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