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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Me and Miss Marple?


I had been kidding myself into believing that because I’ve had success with two flowers on four needles I’d be fine to whip up a pair of socks. Ha! Miss Marple makes it look so easy as she sits knitting and solving multiple murder mysteries. I can’t even manage it in complete silence and
un-interruption. I have managed to get all the way to the toe and now I’m completely stumped. I need some alone time with Nana Elsie because she’s the most proficient knitter I know and feel sure that she could talk me through it step-by-step. Unfortunately she’s not due here until November. She’s also left handed and I have a few leftie friends who want to learn to crochet so I’m guessing my one-on-one time with my grandmother may not be quite as one-on-one as I’d like.


So I’m heading back to two needles and will attempt to make these gloves instead. Don’t you just love the vintage photograph? I love the internet as there’s so much available for free. You can get this pattern here. I’m hoping I’ve enough four ply wool to complete two gloves (assuming I get that far, that is) otherwise I might be wearing gloves of different colours. I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. keep going with the sock and then you can teach me! Love Kate xxooxx.