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Friday, June 17, 2011

The Perfect Winter Day

I've had the most amazing day. It's been absolutely freezing so I climbed into a comfortable chair near the fire, got my knitting, my cup of tea and my peace and quiet and made one whole sock.

I have adapted the pattern a bit from an adult sock to a child's sock. This was supposed to be for Kayley, aged 8 but I think I over adjusted and it's the perfect fit for Janae aged 3.

I also need to use smaller needles for the ribbing as it's just not tight enough to be effective, but they've come out great for my first attempt.

I was a little horrified at the price of this single ball of wool. I am pleased, however, to note that one small sock has barely made a dent in it. And, I will have to go back to get another ball for boy appropriate socks. They have some gorgeous wools and I would love to have got one of every kind. Thankfully I have just a little more self control than that.

On a very exciting note, my lovely friend Carolyn and I are hatching a plot to make our own ottomans (or should that be ottomen?). She's priced up materials and, while it's a bit more expensive than we'd first anticipated, it's still way cheaper than buying one. And I can't help thinking that every time someone sits on it or puts their feet up on it I'll secretly smile to myself thinking I made that. See, that's the beauty of craft . . . the anticipation!

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