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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Starting projects and finishing others

Yesterday was building day. Carolyn arrived with all her tools and, thankfully, all her knowledge and within a couple of hours we had the frames for our respective ottomans all put together. Of course my father turned up and I think he was expecting to have a good laugh. He was quite surprised to see how well we were getting on.

We were so excited by our progress that we had to bring the frame into my living room and take turns at sitting on the sofa and pretending to put our feet up. I know, we're very silly.

We've ordered the webbing which will arrive mid-week next week and we both have upholstery. I got mine yesterday at trusty ole Spotlight. This wasn't my first choice as it's a bit 'traditional' even for me. The fabric I fell in love with was $32 a metre and I really couldn't justify the fabric costing more than the hard materials. This beautiful tapestry weave was a mere $6 a metre so I can't go wrong. Plus there's the bonus that it's much more serviceable than my first choice . . . especially with three children around.

So with no more work being done on the ottoman for a while I had to turn my attention to finishing some projects. I had to make a hat for little Sophia's fourth birthday. The one her mother liked best Sophia turned her nose up at as it wasn't pink. Crochet hook to the ready I whipped this up this afternoon. Hopefully she'll adore the pink beads as well. It feels like everything I'm doing has pink and beads associated with it right now. I'm sure that will pass though.

And Megan's dear old granddad loved her lemon hat so much that she asked me to make him one. Grandma asked me to add a couple of bright flowers so I thought some spring ones would cheer him up as he sits in the rest home looking out over the wintry waters of the harbour. Here's hoping anyway.

Tomorrow I have promised Kayley a baking session. I have some of the girls coming over for a crochet lesson on Monday morning and as I'm aware the visit is as much to do with coffee, cake and conversation as with crochet, I promised to make Martha Stewarts no bake peanut butter and chocolate slice. The trick will be ensuring that half of it doesn't disappear between baking it tomorrow and Monday morning (and the children wouldn't be entirely to blame if that happened). I also have to figure out how to make a crochet ring for a six year old and there's mountains of clearing up to do before the Monday morning visitors. Sunday looks set to be anything other than restful. Enjoy your day, what ever you're doing.

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