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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Inspiration and Stealing Ideas

This has been a weekend where I've been getting inspiration for all sorts of things and from all sorts of places. Firstly, this cushion cover I've started (yes, I know I haven't finished the first one yet). Last night when I was procrastinating going to bed I checked out Coco Rose Diaries blog and clicked on her "crochet" link (you'll find a link to her blog on my blog reading list) and was once again mesmerised by the amazing colours of her work.

I tend to be such a mono chromatic person when choosing colours and yet I love bright and mixed colours in other people's work.

This is the cushion cover that has, over night, become a work-in-progress. Note the muted colours. I know this will be lovely when complete but it's just a little bit boring.

So, while I was browsing I saw this incredible blanket made from little granny squares. Being in cushion mode and still having three large cushion inners to be covered I realised I could modify this to a cushion cover. Unfortunately the pattern wasn't posted but I could figure it out quite easily. Sorry Coco, but I just couldn't resist.

So this afternoon I've been sitting in the warm winter sun at my table making dainty little squares. I do get a little frustrated with adding colours, tucking in tails and starting a new square within what feels like moments but it's certainly worth it when you see the finished result. I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning about 9am. The children are all back at school, my house is spotless (for the first time in a very long time) and I have a date with my teapot and my crochet!

I've also been inspired in cooking too. The other day our lovely friend Val dropped off a chocolate cake and a big bag of lemons. I just LOVE lemons for so many reasons. They smell amazing, they're so versatile and they are so shiny, yellow and fresh looking. I especially love cooking with lemons because they have that strong, citrus taste that goes well with so many things. Having a date with my friends and a cranium board I decided to whip up some lemon cupcakes. Now, I'm so not a cake decorator that I don't make cupcakes very often. But I had to walk past the Culinary Council the other day on the way to Spotlight so I called in to see if they had any pre-cut flowers. As they stock everything I was in luck and I got two packets of these beautiful little flowers. Now I feel a lot more confident in cake decorating.

And my last inspiration came from Junior Masterchef Australia. I had recorded the final for Kayley and I to watch and we sat down to it yesterday afternoon. These amazing little 12 and 13 year old's made an Adriano Zumbo dessert of pears, profiteroles and creme patisserie. I figured if these children could do it I could too.

Well, I almost did. I made these profiteroles for dessert tonight and made my first creme patisserie, which I injected into the choux buns then lashed choclate icing on top. I'd have put melted chocolate but we'd eaten it all last week. Rogan and I taste tested one while the girls were outside having a fall out (can you see the gap on the plate?) Delicious doesn't even cover it!

So tomorrow morning is my first Monday off in a long time and right now I'm holding my breath waiting for it to arrive. I have to bonus of My Kitchen Rules on telly tonight then early to bed so I'm up bright and early to get the kids out. Waa hoooo! Can't wait!

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