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Monday, July 11, 2011

Phew, that was a busy week

I spent the most part of last week and all of the weekend filling orders for hats. I finished off the last one yesterday afternoon and almost jumped with joy.

Please, don't misunderstand. I love to make hats but I finally got my Nicky Epstein knitted squares book from the library on Thursday and it's been calling out my name ever since saying naughty things like "Go on, Belinda. Making just one square won't hurt." Thankfully my resolve was firm and I got the paid jobs out of the way and now I have a week ahead where I can make something for me.

You will remember that I promised I'd make myself some cushions over the winter and as I will probably not be able to renew this book from the library I figured making a cushion cover was the most sensible use of the time I have with it.

And because of this I've fallen in love with I-Cords. I've made them before as stems of my flowers but to make one that's 76cm long to make a twirly heart and with five stitches instead of three, I've realised just how versatile and easy these can be. And how effective.

So this is the first of the squares now I need to go make some lunch and then get on with the next. Woo hoo. Can't wait!

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