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Saturday, July 2, 2011

What a Weekend

I got a call last night asking if I'd take a job whipping up some "uniforms" for a play at a local school. Sure why not? I had to take up and hem these polar fleece jumpers and then sew on the tape to make a replica of a uniform. It didn't seem that hard until I had to do the belt around the middle. With stretchy material and non-stretchy tape it was a bit of a mission, but I had to put my perfectionism aside and just get the job done. Thankfully, it's all done now and packed away for delivery tomorrow.

I finished Janae's dolly last night. I'm not that in love with her but Janae is and I guess that's what is important. Now I'm working on a fireman for Rogan. Of course, that may be a little longer in the making as I suddenly have lots of jobs to do.

I have the birthday party goodies finished so I can deliver those on Monday. Now Kayley has asked if I'll make her one. She has a headband so it's just a case of crocheting a flower.

I have quite a few children's hats made and ready for sale. Sonia is coming over on Tuesday to pick two she wants to give as gifts to her daughter's friends. She also wants one for herself so I've set aside the colours she's interested in and will make it once she lets me know exactly what she wants.

And tonight is my black hat making night. I've got to get this one done for delivery tomorrow morning. I'll be heading to bed as soon as it's finished as I'm completely shattered tonight. But it's a good shattered; there's nothing like being tired out from a hard day earning a crust!

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