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Friday, August 26, 2011

It's all about Mollie Makes

Do you know it's been two weeks since I've been to Spotlight? I know . . . almost unbelievable. I decided that I needed to Cold Turkey Spotlight as it was becoming a bit of a Thursday morning habit. But this week they had a sale on fabric and I've been wanting to make these fabric broaches since I got my Mollie Makes magazine.

So this week I've been starching, ironing, cutting and stitching by hand these petals. As you can probably guess the hot pink is not my usual colour pick but I have lots of plain black tops that always need some shot of colour so I thought this might do the trick.

I have only one issue, and that's the size of the finished product. It's missing one round of flowers because it was getting so big but even so it's quite large. But, I need to get over my fear of large adornments because it seems to be the "thing" right now. I'm going to try this out on Sunday morning and see what response I get.

Then this morning I caught up with the lovely Carolyn and her brand new Mollie Makes mag. I can't believe that she gave it to me to read over the next few days. I warned her that there's a slim chance she may never see it again; but as she knows where I live it's more likely she'll sneak in and steal it away again if I refuse to return it.

See these lovely strawberry pin cushions? Carolyn is currently researching where we can get emery sand to stuff them with and then we're going to make some. I currently keep my pins in a dull plastic container so I'm really looking forward to having their colourful balled ends sticking out of a strawberry instead.

And now I think I need to get on with making some more flowers. After a coffee visit with my mum's friend the other evening I've been tasked with making lots of my headbands so that Chris can sell them at market for me. I've refused to do markets as my convenient excuse is that I sing most Sunday mornings. The truth is, I'm just not a sales person. Chris is very comfortable selling and she has volunteered my mother and herself to sell them for me as Christmas treats for little girls. She is even scouring the town for all the headbands she can find. Here's hoping she manages to sell them or every girl I know will be getting one for her birthday next year.

Now it's Friday night and I have one little girl begging to get to bed so I'll leave it there for the weekend. Hope your's is enjoyable!

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