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Sunday, September 11, 2011

I knew that silicone muffin tray would come in handy

I was really inspired by this blog HERE and decided that I'd give it a go. Unfortunately, it was a little more difficult than I'd anticipated.

I blew up my balloon, filled it with water and bunged my warped old candle in a pot. Very excited once the wax had melted and I'd rescued the wick I got dipping. And dipping. And dipping. At last I felt I had enough wax on the outside of the balloon and left it to cool. But what to do with all the left over wax?

Ahhhh, I remembered the silicone muffin tray I'd bought many months ago. I've only made muffins in it once as it's a bit of a pain because it's so floppy and getting the muffins in and out of the oven is so much easier in traditional muffin trays. So they've sat in the back of the drawer for a long time waiting for a use to be found.

I cut my rescued wick into smaller pieces and then began to pour wax into the muffin tray. I dipped in the wick, held on while the wax cooled enough to hold the wick and started on the next one. I wasn't sure if they'd turn out of the moulds properly so I only made four. They worked a treat and look pretty good too.

This morning I added a bit of blue crayon to my left over wax to try and colour it. I'm not so happy with the result though and I can't even show you because the dreaded camera has got flat batteries once again.

I'll show you when I've recharged them. This time to got my pyrex glass bowl and lined it with oil. I selotaped the wick to a knitting needle and let it hang into the hot wax. By the time Janae and I got home from our morning swim it was all set. The big question was whether it would turn out of the bowl okay and it did. So now I have lots of little candles. I'm hoping that I get the gazebo I've got on the top of my birthday wish list in November so that I can have these lovely candles glowing as I sip my evening cup of tea.

And then today I raided my mother's fabric stash. I came home and drew up a basic shirt pattern on a piece of newspaper. Cut out the fabric, sewed it up and made Janae a little top. It was certainly an interesting experiment as each time I made her try it on I whipped it off and added some darts to the back, then to the front. I'm really pleased with the result and now I need a pattern for some shorts so I can make a matching pair. It's going to be the perfect summer pre-school outfit. Again, I'll show it off when the camera's charged.

As it's crafty Monday tomorrow I'm going to make some more of my little make-up bags. I also raided my mother's zipper stash too while I was there. She's going to be a very useful resource in my new venture into the sewing world. Thanks mum!

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