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Saturday, September 10, 2011

She might be vintage but she works a treat!

Look at this gorgeous old darling. This was what my mother got for her 21st birthday. I can't believe it still works, and I can't believe I can work it.

I was going to put this little sewing project off until Monday morning when the children are out of the house and it's all quiet but for some strange reason I just can't seem to resist sewing something.

So this morning I lumbered the "new" old machine onto the table, logged on to my computer and found the blog to make this make-up bag, and got started.

I have had one or two issues, mainly the zip, which I've never done before. The corners were a bit tricky too and my zip was a little be too long. But, with a bit of fudging, I've managed to get it looking pretty good and make it work too.

It has a contrasting lining and interfacing and all sorts of fun and scary bits that I thought I'd never get done, but I'm really pleased with it as a first attempt.

Now I wish I'd got a few zips as I want to make another to get right all the things I did wrong. I think these are going to be great little Christmas treats for my girls and my friends. I think I'll make these and get some glorious little hand creams, nail files and other mummy treats to go in them. I doubt I'll even wrap them . . . maybe just a bow.

Now my only problem is . . . what am I going to do on Monday morning? I'm sure I'll find something.

As it's only 10am on Saturday morning, and as I have only one child at home this morning I think I might melt down the candle that's drooping in my dining room window and try another new trick. I'll keep you "posted"!

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  1. The bag is beautiful and I love the Singer...I have an old White machine....