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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Celebrations and Thanks

My darling little boy has just about completed his third term of school and it's been an interesting journey this far. It's been quite astounding to see all the horrid things he's been through in his very short years start to come out as he's had to develop more in-depth relationships with other children and his teacher.

It's meant that he's had to have some counselling and he's had lots of encouragement such as a chart on the wall of the classroom to indicate his ability to interact without hurting his friends. If he gets five "cars" in a day he has been sent home with a banana sweet. And his little friends have stood by him, helped him and encouraged him.

So I thought it might be nice if Rogan shared a morning tea with his class as a way of saying thank you to them all. This afternoon has been a flurry of cupcake baking, fondant colouring (my hands are as yellow as the stars) and sprinkle scattering. He's very excited about sharing this with his friends and I hope it will help to reinforce the message that friends are for loving not thumping.

Good work my little Rogie!

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