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Monday, October 17, 2011

Crafty Monday

What I really wanted to call this post was . . .
WHO'D BE A MILLINER? But as it was Monday and I'd managed to do some creating I thought I'd better stick with my assigned day.

Here's the hat I've struggled with for hours that is to go with Janae's new dress. The times I've unpicked it because my seam was so wonky I caught the brim of the hat, etc, etc, drama, drama, drama. But it's complete and it's okay. I know Janae will love it even if I don't. Note to self: Think twice before making another hat from fabric!

You know, there are some days when you just know God is on your side. Today was one of them. Kayley awoke complaining of a sore tummy and, in what I have discovered is normal mummy fashion, I dismissed it telling her she'd be right soon.

I dropped Janae off at preschool and while there Rogan organised a play date with a school friend and off he went. Kayley reiterated her stomach complaint (after trying to organise her own play date) and I very unsympathetically shoved some kiddy paracetamol at her. Well, 20 minutes later I heard some alarming sounds from the bathroom (along with lots of sobs and tears) and my precious girl was quite sick. Boy, did I feel a huge dose of the guilts. Thankfully she was the only one home so she got lots of love, back rubbing and assurance that all would be well at some point.

Then this afternoon she agreed that she'd lay on the sofa watching Sky kids programs with Nanny while I took the little ones for a swim. We made it to Nanny and Granddads house, Rogan promptly took himself off to bed and then dashed off the the bathroom to follow Kayley's example. How was God on my side? Because Kayley was past the vomiting stage, Janae was a box of birds and I knew I could cope without losing my temper or my mind. Imagine the state I'd have been in with two children sick at the same time and our littlest trying to mother everyone in between.

So, amid the drama I've almost completed Janae's dress . . .
And yes, I'm patting myself on the back. You'd have laughed if you'd seen me after I'd laid it out on the table. I was speechless at first (odd for me) then just laughed because it actually turned out looking like a dress for an almost four year old. I've taken on so many things I'd never thought I'd achieve in a million years. There are still a number of things to do but I think she'll be wearing it to church on Sunday morning (assuming we're not all chained to the nearest loo by then).

And before all the drama set in . . . at the very early hour of 7.30 this morning, the doorbell went. Now, no one rings our door bell. They either just open the door and call down the hall, come through the garage if that door is up or come round to the living room and in through the slider. So we three girls looked at each other in alarm. A 7.30am door bell ring surely couldn't be a good thing.

It was BRILLIANT! My iron on vinyl has arrived. It's my first purchase from Fabric Online and I have to say it was a painless and very speedy process. I'll be keeping my eye out for other bargains there from now on.

I cannot make any more bibs until I have this outfit finished but it's safely tucked away until then.

Oh and I have to share that my mother, oh she of infinite patience admitted she's just a little sad that I've learned to sew because she's worried she may be put on the back burner for all the sewing jobs. NEVER! My mum is the whizz at knit fabrics and keeps us in summer stuff so she'll always have work from our family!

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