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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I've never thought of myself as lucky

I have been feeling a little bombarded by fund raising efforts lately and I've smiled sweetly at the lovely ladies selling raffle tickets at school so that the Year 7 kids can have a rip roaring camp this year.

Then they wore me down and I parted with a whole $3 for a ticket. I made it very clear that I only wanted second prize as I already have a BBQ which was first prize.

It was all a big joke and I never thought I'd win. Even Kayley kept asking "what would you do if you won first prize?" My response, very tongue in cheek was "I will ring up who ever won second prize and see if they want to swap.

Well, no need! I got a phone call this afternoon with Kim laughing saying, you wanted it and you won second prize. I was astounded as I have categorically NEVER won a raffle in my life. Now it's sitting, in it's box in the garage waiting for a time when my three little helpers are away from home so I can put it together. I even have decided to put it on my secret patio off my lounge so I can sit out on it with my knitting and no one can see me.

I've offered Carolyn a share of one side of it and a glass of wine if she helps me to assemble it. She seems quite open to that offer. So hopefully, I might have it put together by the weekend and be outdoors knitting Christmas stockings on it. I'll let you know!

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