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Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Obsessions

The second week of the school holidays didn't start well I'm afraid. Three of the four of us were struck down the a nasty tummy bug. We usually have cast iron constitutions, but we succumbed this time and I even spent a day in bed.

However, we're all back to our usual selves now and ready for the close of the holidays. Until today I've still been feeling squimish but I've discovered that it has more to do with dehydration rather than bugs. I've discovered this in a lovely way. I've been child free this afternoon and had the opportunity to catch up with The Lovely Carolyn over a cup of coffee. Then I had a cup of tea with friends who took Rogan and Kayley out to a puppet show this afternoon and I've downed a couple of glasses of water and suddenly I'm feeling much better. Note to self: make sure you keep drinking (not wine unfortunately).

But amidst this fog of unwellness I've virtually finished Janae's outfit and have managed to make headway on what I'm calling my "My Life" quilt. I've spent the past couple of weeks pouring over quilting books from the library and browsing the web for colour combinations and all those lovely things. I have so many little off-cuts of fabrics and am totally in love with Fat Quarters (now that I know what they are) so last week I decided to make a start on a very basic quilt for the back of our old sofa to throw over ourselves if it gets cold.

I've called it "My Life" because I had thought I had some old clothes in my closet that would go lovely in this quilt. I have, however, discovered that I've given them away to Good Will over the past year so it may mean a name change.

And today I got some more fabrics. The top is my absolute favourite. Paisley has become another obsession of mine lately. The Lovely Carolyn bought herself a paisley top that I coveted and I realised that I NEED more of this kind of fabric in my life.

Now that I'm feeling so much better I'm going to keep going on my quilt because it's easy to cut a few blocks, sew them together and then get on with something else, without it taking over my life. Speaking of which, I've got half an hour before I need to get the dinner on the table so I might put myself at the table and cut a few more.

I also need to whip up a cheesecake for our Crazy Cranium night tomorrow night, but that can wait. I'll keep you posted on how the quilt is progressing!

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