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Monday, November 21, 2011

Blissful Respite on Crafty Monday

It's been a fun, full and festive three days celebrating turning 40, however, today it was quiet, constructive and restful.

My six hours are almost up and they've flown away but it's been so lovely to have some quiet time after so much activity. I started my morning by organising my pretties that were given to me over the past weekend.

My tray is looking so lovely on the bookcase with just one or two things on it. Now I have to remind myself not to put other things on it as I go by.

I put some roses I picked from my garden in my bedroom and as I walk past the door they make me smile. Plus, each time I go in there I'm greeted by a faint but lovely smell of fresh roses. Mmmmm. Can't beat real blooms.

But I've also been busy working on Crafty Monday today. The date for our Picture Frame Upcycle Challenge is drawing nearer and I've changed my mind as to what's going in my frame so many times I can't even remember half of the ideas I've had.

But browsing through the magazines Corleah gave me on Friday (while being papmered at the hairdressers) I came across a gorgeous hand embroidered/applique/quilt picture in a lovely frame and realised that's what I had to do for my frame.

Here's the original that I'm copying. I'm adding a couple of bits and the fabrics are completely different, but that's all good as it's lots of fun. I do, however, have to put it reluctantly down now as it's drawing nearer to school collection time and then the chaos will prevail until bedtime, but that's the bliss of children.

Here's hoping your week is crafty too.

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