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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Busy busy busy

We had a lovely time shopping for our picture frames on Monday, and we visited lots of opportunity shops. I am not a frequenter of op shops as I walk and and behave like a stunned mullet at the array of merchandise available then leave again. But with Andrea as our tour guide and teacher I found lots of little wonders. This is just one of them. A huge stash of pre-cut quilting squares. I've counted them and there are over 90 for a mere $2.50. Fabulous. Can't wait to figure out what to do with them.

I also found a big bag of assorted balls. This is perfect for my ball loving Rogan for Christmas. It has made me realise how we, as mothers, plant seeds of what children actually want for Christmas: and sometimes it's not very subtle. Yesterday afternoon when Rogan was hunting for his flashing smiley ball I said "Perhaps Santa might bring you lots of little balls for Christmas," and Rogan thought this was a wonderful idea and rushed indoors to write it on his Christmas list. Tick, that's one gift sorted.

I also purchased a frame (of course) and a couple of quilting magazines that were about 10% of the retail price and still had all the templates in tact. I was over the moon. I can't believe that I spent a day out shopping, even had some lunch out and came home with $3 left over from my $20 budget. I need to shop like this more often.

But since then I've been beavering away on my Christmas swap gifts. These will be the last of the knitted ones as I have new ideas. These three treasures are for someone who has told me her favourite colour is yellow. The Christmas tree is incomplete and it will have yellow and red balls on it.

On Thursday I intend to get the supplies I need for the next project so I'll let you in on that secret once I've got the first made. You're going to love this crafty treasure as it's super easy and super gorgeous. Bet you can't wait now.

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  1. Those decorations are divine - you are going to have to teach me how to make them.