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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I'm not sure what it is

I'm not sure if it's the fact that I'm turning 40 in a matter of days; or if it's that I'm over tired, run down and have a raging sore throat; I'm not sure if it's the big barney I had with my dad last week or the mountain of work that keeps piling up around the home; what ever the reason I've spent quite a lot of the week in the "I'm feeling blue" basement of my heart. I don't like being here much as it's a long climb back up those stairs and I've got my birth mother and grandmother arriving in two days. But, never one to let a sad mood keep me down, it's been a very productive week also.

I've finally got all my Christmas swap things ready to go and I'll get them posted off tomorrow. Yeah, it feels good to have these finished. I tell you, if you're looking for a cathartic, pleasurable, quick and beautiful craft to do, make some of these baubles. I couldn't finish them last week as I'd run out of pins and had to ask the lovely Carolyn to get me some more on her trip to Spotlight yesterday. But now it's all done, and before the deadline, which is quite astounding really.

These are the lovely decorations I've received in the post so far. I'm looking forward to dusting off the Christmas tree and getting them hung up. Still a few more weeks to go before we do that though.

I've also made a start on this little lass for a Christmas gift for a friend. Yes, you all know I'm addicted to Jean Greenhowe and Andrea dropped off the "Red Nose Gang" books last week. I'm not sure what it is, but I cannot have a new stash of Greenhowe patterns and not start something. These patterns are slightly more complex than others I've done of hers, which just makes them more interesting. And there's a million little elements to go with it (aside from the obvious, like arms). I will be making an umbrella, a backpack with fun things like a thermos in it. A skirt with embroidered flowers. The list goes on. So I keep picking up my knitting needles and plodding on. It's a good thing it's reasonably good weather so I can spend the afternoons outdoors on the swing seat knitting, while the children charge around the garden doing all sorts of exciting things with hoses, paddling pools . . . oh and let's not forget the daily bee hunt (thankfully no one has been stung yet).

And while I eagerly await my annual hair cut and pamper session on Friday afternoon, I have this gorgeous dress to admire. I was dragged out by my mother the other day and we went shopping to find her some new summer tops. I was admiring some of the lovely dresses when she forced (yes forced) me to try this on. It's not only lovely to look at but lovely to wear. It's cool, it's stylish (well I think so) and it's one of those items of clothing that I will love to wear. I will have been out in the heat mowing lawns, I'll have had a cool and refreshing shower and I'll throw this on and feel bliss. I just know it!

But that's enough chatter for one day. I've still got floors to hoover (before the kids get home rather than immediately I think) and I need to keep on with my doll. I have a fence to mend around the vege garden and maybe even a nana nap to fit in before 3pm. Boy that'll keep me busy.

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