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Friday, November 4, 2011

It's all about Christmas here

As you know I've signed up for a Christmas Decoration swap and I was Pinterest-ing the other day and came across these gorgeous wreaths made from baubles for Christmas trees. Not being particularly bright these days (due largely to a lack of sleep, too much to do and desperate need of a holiday) I thought I'd make some of these for my swap. Hmmm. A couple of major problems:

1. They are so fragile that there is almost no way I could put them in the post and expect them to get there in one piece;
2. They're quite expensive. I've used over 45 baubles on this wreath and it's only a little one. I had imagined I'd do a big one for my front door, but I think this one will have to do.

Now I'll have to rethink some other ideas for my swap. I have my decorations that I've knitting but I really wanted to mix it up a bit. Oh well, thinking cap goes back on.

And I have a confession to make about the creation of this wreath. My darling girl came home from volleyball tonight (she'd won and played brilliantly apparently) and I fussed over how clever she is before sending her off to bed with a book and a promise that I'd be in to say goodnight shortly. I got completely sidetracked and by the time I got in there she'd turned out her own light and was sound asleep. I'm a dreadful mother.

But Christmas Swaps aren't the only Christmasy things going on in our house. My Rogan and Kayley have been through my Jean Greenhowe books and picked out gifts they want me to make for their teachers. This little red breasted robin on a log is the start of Miss T's gift. There's one more holly sprig to make and then a square of snow for them all to sit on. The robin isn't attached yet and he will have feet (hopefully making him look more like a bird than a mouse with a red nose and a swollen tail). I should complete this one tonight and make a start on Rogan's gift. And Janae has just been given a place at a local kindergarten and will start on December 5 so I'm feeling that I really need to make some lovely gifts for her gorgeous pre-school teachers that have been so good to her for the past year.

No more procrastinating. Back to work I go making gifts. Enjoy your weekend!

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