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Thursday, November 10, 2011

More Decorations

One of the teachers at pre-school came rushing up to me the other day to show me her latest creation. I was overjoyed that she shared it with me and vowed that I'd make some for my Christmas swap.

So this afternoon I was sitting blissfully at my desk making these (until I remembered that I'd promised to help the lovely Carolyn with her Photoshop Assignment). These are sooooo easy to make and very cathartic too. It's been a bit of a bummer week so sitting in the quiet sticking pins into something was exactly what my soul needed.

Basically, get yourself a polystyrene ball, some flat head pins, some sequins and some ribbon. Place the ribbon in a cross around the ball and secure with a pin at the top and where the ribbons cross at the bottom. The start pinning on the sequins.

It took a while to work out the most effective way to place the sequins but now I pin sequins around the outside of the wedge created by the ribbons then fill the inside in rows from bottom to top. It seems to maximise coverage of the ball.

I had a whole lot of the hanging bits at the top left over from the glass balls I made my wreath out of. Actually, confession time, after seeing Donna's balls I came home and dug through my rubbish bin to find them because I'd thrown them out never thinking I'd have a use for them. Thankfully I hadn't dumped any awful kitchen rubbish on top so it wasn't an awful job. But Donna assures me that these can be purchased quite cheaply from craft shops.

I've threaded some matching ribbon through the loop, tied it off and it's all set to hang from a tree.

I've also decided that I've been far too ambitions (and probably a bit show-offy) and making three decorations for each person was going a little over the top. So, I have six knitted decorations and am well on the way to having six sequined balls so I'm fairly sure that the recipients will be quite happy with one of each (I hope).

It also leaves some time to work on another Christmas gift. Andrea has loaned me some Jean Greenhowe books of the "Red Nose Gang" and I'm attempting to make a hybrid of about three dolls for someone our family loves. I can't say too much as I think this person checks out the blog from time to time.

Now the children are gathered around, Kayley is waiting for the computer to do some homework, Janae's just being noisy and Rogan is just hanging about because it looks like he's missing out on something. Thus, it's time to sign off for today.

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