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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Seriously Gifted

Unfortunately the title doesn't speak for my design skills. Last night over dinner Janae informed me that she was getting an elephant for her birthday. Well, I knew I had this lovely striped fabric sitting in my box that would probably never be used for much and I had a vision of a soft and squishy elephant.

Having no pattern I decided it couldn't be too hard to draw one and go from there. An hour and half later, and late into the night, I was putting this together.

I have dubbed her Ellie the world's ugliest elephant but I'm sure Janae will love her. Then this morning she informed me she was getting a heart cushion for her birthday. Now that, I feel confident, shouldn't be too difficult.

Now this gift I can only show snippets of until she is gifted next week as I don't want the recipient to guess it's for her. This has been a mammouth task but I've so loved making her and all the little things that come with her. How cute is this camera?

She even has groovy red sunglasses.

And check out this back pack. It has something special in it too. I'm really looking forward to giving her away. I have a feeling there's a daughter that might love this as much (probably more) as her mummy but that's okay too.

Now there are only a few gifts left to make for teachers and we're almost done on the creative front for Christmas. Whew, then I can get back to the baby throw I'm supposed to be making!

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