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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Some days you achieve so much

And today was one of those. I started out this morning making this card for Anna's birthday. As she's the resident song writer we are going to get her a lovely mechanical pencil and scripting paper so that she can properly script the songs she writes. We're also going to give her a $5 petrol voucher. You see, like many of us, Anna runs around in a car that has the "fill me up" light going. Hence, her husband is investing in a petrol can for her. Knowing this we decided that we'd ensure she has some gas in it for the next time she runs out. How cheeky are we!?

So I made the card while I was waiting for the lovely Carolyn to come by so we could make the gifts we're giving our faithful Mainly Music helpers. For the ladies we're making coffee cup sleeves. They're supposed to be for take-away coffees but we've discovered they fit equally well around a standard coffee mug too. If you're like me, you get half way through a cup of tea or coffee and then find it's gone cold while you've been distracted doing something else.

This is the finished product and I LOVE it! I'm definately going to make one of these for myself. And, we have enough materials over to make some more that we hope to sell to our MM mums. If you want one, let me know . . . they're only $10 and are made with much love and laughter.

Finally today, I've completed my frame upcycle project. I painted the ghastly brown frame cream and then, this morning, I "papered" it with a lovely textured tissue like paper I found while digging around for card ingredients to make Anna's card. I'm not totally in love with it, but it's not bad when I take into consideration that I've spent a grand total of $4.95 on the whole project. That's got to be good. I will let you in on a secret . . . it's no where near as good as the other two I've already seen. I'll post those pictures when we've had our big "reveal".

As for the coffee cup holders, you don't have to buy one. As soon as I remember the link I'll post it and you can make your own!

Now it's time to finish off the dinner as there's quite a lot of hair pulling, screaming and fighting going on. It's fair to assume that my two girls haven't had much to eat today so they're not very happy right now. Better go!

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