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Friday, November 18, 2011

What a Day!!

Being two days out from my official birthday I wasn't feeling at all in a birthday mood today. I had a date to go for coffee morning with the lovely Carolyn, and didn't really feel like that. I wanted to stay home and work on my latest Greenhowe doll. But, I'd committed to it so I would go.

Well, I got home from the school drop off to find something red and dazzling on my doorstep. The gorgeous Kate had donned her Angel wings and left me this beautiful gift. I never cease to be amazed how, just sometimes, the desires of our hearts are given to us.

I had seen some silicone cake moulds just like these yesterday and longed to buy some. But being on a pre-Christmas budget drive I put them back on the shelf. Imagine my glee as I opened the fabulously spotted cake tin to find these inside. I also had these beautiful speciments to put in a vase . . .

They are simply divine. If you haven't already popped over to Kate's blog you need to go now and see all the fabulous things she makes. Now I had to telephone Kate first thing and thank her for her gifts. She asked me all about my plans for the day and ooohhed and ahhhed in interest. Not once did I think she was hiding a dark secret!

I arrived at our coffee morning to a sea of faces (some that don't usually attend on a Friday morning) a very loud chorus of "Happy Birthday" and I promptly burst into tears. How silly of me. Kate had known all about this surprise party and didn't drop one hint.

The table had been carefully laid out with all manner of delights, the chairs adorned with beautiful organza, a fresh fruit punch and a hot cup of Lady Grey ready for me. I was overwhelmed to say the least.

And then I was handed a large, rose wrapped gift. I was still so overwhelmed that I couldn't get the ribbons off. Rex was quick to the rescue and I was showered with the most delightful things and I was, one by one, reminded of conversations I'd had with various friends over the past couple of weeks.

"I don't have a tray" I announced to Corleah as she explained how she was upcycling her frame to a tea tray. "I love this hedgehog book" I said to Andrea in Spotlight one day. "I need to see Mrs M and ask her to make me a necklace to go with my lovely new dress" I said to Carolyn just the other day. It brings tears of joy to my eyes just thinking of how loved I felt to know that my friends had taken my throw-away comments and turned them into the best gift EVER!

And, the only way to sum up how blessed I am to have these friends is to share the card they gave me with the gift. This says it all!

Thank you ladies (and gents) for an amazing morning and one of the best birthdays I can remember. Now I want to plan all the ways I can make your next birthday as special!

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  1. Oh, you have such lovely friends! Enjoy your big day:)