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Friday, December 16, 2011

All projects are a joy but . . .

Some are more joyous than others and this angel was just such a project. I have to be honest, I did for a split second, think, oh no, not another thing to do. And last night I didn't even get the head finished. But this morning, I came home to an untidy house and remembered it was my last day of freedom for over six weeks (summer hols) so I'd better make the most of it.

I sat down with the instructions and, four hours later, had this beautiful lady.

Actually it's really more like about ten hours later because she's been drying in pieces on the window sill today and I've just compiled her all into one angel.

I'm so in love with her that I really think she needs to be at the top of my tree. Unfortunately she's promised to Kim and I'll take great pleasure in dropping her off tomorrow morning. Kim is now expecting me to teach her how to make one. Hmmm, it's a bit optimistic of someone who has never crocheted before. I think we might have to start with something easy like a granny square. Although, if you're a crocheter and you want to make her, you'll find the link to the pattern in yesterday's post.

Thanks Kim, for the inspiration. Now I've got to go get inspired by my hedgehog again!

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  1. It's lovely! My Mom would love one! Her birthday is in January...so maybe for then...