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Friday, December 2, 2011

Brithday Prep Madness

How glad I am that Janae is at preschool today as it's given me all morning to sort out her birthday preparations.

This pink monstrosity is her bithday "cake". There's a giant cupcake in the middle surround by standard cupcakes. As pink is her favourite colour I felt I couldn't make her cakes any other shade.

And remember me telling you she'd also requested a heart cushion for her birthday?

I was up late last night putting this together. It was quite fun to make really.

When we went on our Op Shop tutorial with Andrea a couple of weeks ago I got a huge stash of pre-cut squares of varying shades and patterns. Some of them were perfect for this job.

I sliced each square into 4cm lengths and stitched them together in blocks of five strips then sewed the blocks together in random ways. Once I had a piece big enough to cut the heart out of I drew up a template and cut around it on the patchwork piece. A plain piece of fabric for the back, a bit of stuffing and hey presto all done!

So the pass-the-parcel is all wrapped and ready to go. The baking is all done. The sherbert is in an air tight container just waiting to fill little icecream cones and have lollipops dipped into it. Now I can put my feet up for half an hour before racing out to music practice. Boy, I'm looking forward to the summer holidays (and the end of birthday and Christmas preparation) so we can all relax and chill out at the beach day after day. Bring it on.

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