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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas is coming

It's been a flurry of preparation and celebration here this weekend. Not only did I get the grass cut (something I've been moaning about for days . . . just ask my friends) but I also got the Christmas stockings made.

One of the Nana's gave me some stockings for the children a couple of years ago. I'm grateful but they were so big that Janae (now four) can fit inside hers, and it was posing a few problems with regards to the need to have a mountain of toys just to go in the stockings.

When I was a child we had one of my Dad's work socks hung from the mantle. Barbie would sit under mine and Action Man would sit under my brothers so that Santa would know which belonged to each child. Well, I think we've moved on from work socks so I whipped up these yesterday. The children chose their own material and now they're looking forward to hanging them up in anticipation of Santa. They're only about 40cm high and are much more practical.

And last night we had our Christmas on the Domain event. Thankfully the rain stayed away, the wind, however was bracing. But we all had a fabulous time.

Now you have to check out this local band. Kokomo are a local group that would probably come under the genre of Blues but are so much more. I absolutely fell in love with these guys and am rushing out to get an album. Very toe tapping, bum wiggling tunes that you can't help but sway along to.

Now I've got to get everyone ready for the Sunday School prize giving this morning. Kayley's very excited about getting her chance to sing for once. Go Kayley!

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