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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

No wonder I couldn’t find the camera


My little darlings stole the camera and got merry with it yesterday. They had returned it to the computer table . . . along with lots of other stuff that should be there, so finding it was a bit of a mission. DSCF2271

However, it’s difficult to be too grumpy (something that’s not difficult at all for me at the moment) when you see these pictures. DSCF2268

But there were some very exciting things I wanted to share and I really didn’t want to wait until tomorrow or the big thing inside my head that is filled with holes (I call it my memory) would have lost it.


This has been the best, and easiest read I have in a long time. It’s by a Kiwi author and is a lovely little chick lit book for a summer holiday. I highly recommend it. It’s one of those “pass it along” books we all have pass by our bedroom tables from time to time.


And this. It’s the start of the blanket I’m going to make for my mother. I am currently in the middle of my baby blanket job but ran short of my lemon yarn yesterday so I had to fill in the time between Spotlight visits somehow. The blanket I’d based my colours around was more dominated by brown, which I totally loved, but I know my mum and she’ll love something lighter and brighter. You’ll find a link to the pattern in yesterday’s post, however, I do have a warning.

With the utmost respect to the designer of this beautiful blanket, I found her instructions quite difficult to follow. In the end I sat down and went through round by round writing my own brand of crochet shorthand. I’m absolutely certain that my scribble is even harder for someone to follow than the original pattern, but whatever works. And in her defence, it’s such an intuitive pattern that once you’ve made the first block you’ll be away laughing. I’m just sad I have to fold this up and put it away until a later date. Of course, I’d like for it to be a surprise too (if I can keep the children quiet) so I won’t be taking it away on holiday with us.

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  1. Nice start and good color choices....and the pictures are adorable!