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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

And when I’m not crocheting squares?


I’m working on this. I have a friend who is the epitome of a “lady” and loves all things girlie and lady–like so I’ve been wondering what I could make her for her birthday that would appeal to this side of her but that wouldn’t be such an overwhelming undertaking that I never got it finished.

I decided on a doily yesterday. I made this particular doily for my mum three years ago and was one of the last fine work crochet projects I did until making the angel before Christmas. Even now, when I’m in my mother’s bedroom I have to have a close look at the work. I am still amazed it was made by my hands. I know this friend will truly appreciate the work that goes into making something like this. And it’s modern enough to not be an old-fashioned and horrible gift.


I forgot to photograph the front cover of the book I’m making this from, and will try to post it tomorrow. It’s a book I got from a second hand bookshop a few years ago and it specialises in crocheting from graphs rather than the written word, which is something I find much easier to follow. I highly recommend it if you’re interested in crochet lacework.

Now it’s dinner time and I have manic children flying about the house (sounds rather like a quidditch match, but not quite so entertaining) so I must off and feed the hordes. Early nights all round as it’s been a rather harrowing couple of days and I think an early night may make tomorrow a little more bearable.

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