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Saturday, January 28, 2012

The brink of exhaustion

It was a pitiful sight in my home last night. The children were all in bed in tears (they were rescued from their bed shortly after and given dinner before being settling down for the night . . . I’m not that cruel) and I was cowering in my shower with the bathroom door locked also in tears.

It’s been no secret that I’ve found this six week period particularly difficult and last night seemed to be the bottom of the barrel. I think I even ruined my parent’s lovely dinner out as they rang at 10 to see how we were and I was in floods of tears again.

Thankfully, once you get to the bottom of the barrel there’s no option but to claw your way to the top again. So this morning, puffy eyed, shattered and more than a little battle weary I realised I was too exhausted to go through another day of tantrums, fights and battles. So with a quiet voice, quiet spirit, I set the table for breakfast and the day began.


And although it hasn’t been a perfect one, it’s been a whole lot better than those preceding it. I set the children up with some painting, which they stuck at for over an hour. Janae (and lunch) put an end to it when she’d had enough and started attacking the others with yellow paint.

And this morning I treated myself to a bit of lady-like time to myself.


I got out the beautiful tray I was given for my birthday, the tea pot, the blanket and hid myself away around the corner. The only concession I made was the Whinnie the Pooh mug as I’ve accidently smashed about three of my china ones in the past week. Tea always tastes better from a stainless steel pot into a china cup but beggars can’t be choosers. Of course, this lovely morning highlighted one important flaw . . . I don’t have a tea cosy. I know I started making one in the winter, but it never got finished. So I’m determined that I’m going to make one in the next few days.

The children are now tucked into bed (sans tears), I’m about to fill the teapot once more and carry on with the final stages of the blanket. I’m dying to show you but it’s just so gorgeous that I want it blocked and beautiful and laying proudly on my bed before I show it off. It will only spend but moments on my bed before being bundled away safely for March 24 and presentation for mum.

So it’s with a slightly lighter heart that I start my evening and am filled with hope for another slightly better day tomorrow.

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