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Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Great Time Had by All


I can’t believe it’s all over so soon. It’s been a busy day with lawn mowing, washing and heading down to the beach for a very quick play before we decided it was way too hot and came home again. But we are still talking about the fun things we did while on holiday.

This is the Cape Egmont Lighthouse that just went out of use in 2000. Now it’s attached to the little local boat club and restaurant. We dined here on our last night in South Taranaki.


Much of the weather was wet and blustery but that’s all good. It’s kind of what you expect when you head to the “Naki” as the locals call it. This is looking out over the heads towards Australia.


There was also fun for the children while they waited for their dinner. I’m almost ashamed at what a little poser Janae is turning out to be. Still, it was fun.





And I found this beautiful book while staying with Donald and Julie. I’ve read most of it but didn’t have time to finish it. I wonder if I’ll find a copy in the library. It’s so old, that I’m sure it went out of print decades ago. Look at what was inside the front cover . . .


How cool is this. The book was awarded to our host’s mother way back in 1925 when she was about 12. I wonder if she read it with as much relish as I did. Well, if I don’t find it in the library at least I know it will still be there the next time we visit.


And due to all the terrible weather I managed to get this finished. Right now it’s laying, damp upon the floor being blocked so it’ll look way better than this when I hand it over on Tuesday. And, even better, while I was making this I was helping Julie rediscover the love of crochet. I’m hoping she keeps up with it now that we’ve gone as she was getting so much joy out of it.


And true to holiday form the sun came out on our way home. We had the immense pleasure of stopping off to see my cousin David and his partner Moira at their new venture. The Waiau Estate is a tiny little winery and cafe that they are turning into wedding venue extraordinaire. If you happen to be passing through Urenui on your way South please stop in. They have the best coffee I’ve tasted for a very long time, and the yummiest treats too.


They were setting up for a wedding while we were there. I mean, who wouldn’t want to get married here? I think I’ll be stopping by to see them every time I’m driving past.

So I think it’s safe to say we had a fabulous time. It was lovely to have my Dad come along with us and see how much joy he got out of taking Kayley target shooting and exploring over the farm. I’m looking forward to see what adventures we can discover next summer now.

And I’m working on a little project I dreamt up while I was too awake to dream properly last night. Hopefully I’ll be able to show it to you by the end of the week . . . assuming it all goes to plan that is.

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  1. Fabulous vacation! Color me jealous...The blanket is fantastic!