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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I’ve been a bit naughty


I’ve been working on my grey blanket today. I know I mentioned that I might give it away on the blog but I’m still a very long way from 500 posts so I have said, if it’s finished in time, I’ll donate it to the school to raffle off at the school gala. But that’s not the naughty part.

I have decided that I would like not to repeat any squares and have it a true sampler blanket. This means quite a bit of research into ideas and patterns. Well, today I had a good look at Crafty Minx and her square a day challenge from last year (probably where I pinched the idea from).


I’ve already made a square from a link she gave but today I completely pinched ideas and patterns straight from her pictures. Shame on me! However, one of the benefits of crochet is that it’s relatively easy to figure out how things are put together. The square above was one I pinched. It has turned out completely different from the original but the guilt is still there a little.


This is the other square I pinched. I quite like this one. I’m not sure if I’m going to use it though. I’m trying very hard to make sure the squares are all of the same size and have the same number of stitches across the sides to make joining easy when the time comes. I usually join as I go, but because of the huge range of patterns I want to be able to lay them all out first once they’re complete and figure it out from there. This square may be a little more difficult to put together. We’ll have to see.

Now we’ve got to prepare some vegetables and salad. Our lovely friend Mrs Hale is dropping off a roast chicken for our dinner in half an hour. We are so blessed by her. About once a month she turns up on the doorstep with a meal for us and they’re always delicious. Yum, roast chicken without having to cook it.

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