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The past two years have been all about adjusting to motherhood and finding my way through it via craft. The out pouring of this came in the form of my blog Aunty Mum. Now I'm finally finding my feet, the children are growing, I'm getting some independence and my interests are morphing . . . into cooking. Join me in exploring creativity in many forms, food, fabric, frowns and laughter.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Liebster Awards

I was a very blessed recipient of this award this week. Anna from Esme Rudy was searching the net for crochet headband patterns and came across my blog. I was even more blessed by the lovely comments she left and had to hunt her down to see all the delicious things she made. I'm so glad I did. I've added her to my reading list so keep an eye out for her updates.

As with blessing, there always comes responsibility and it's now my pleasure to pick five blogs, with less than 200 followers and award them the Liebster too. The first of these is:

Life and Yarn or Graceys Goodies. We've been following each other for at least a year and I love to pop in to see what the latest project is. She always has something exciting and is constantly updating her yarn collection (which makes me very jealous) with the most beautiful colours and textures.

Char's Crafty Days is another lovely blog. Poor Char has been having a rough time of late, but one thing I love about her is that there's an honesty in admiting life is not a bed of roses (or maybe it is with all those nasty thorns) but there's always something to that makes the silver lining slightly more visable among the clouds.

Second Hand Maid is one of the blogs I'm very excited to see a new post. The most beautiful items are made and/or found on budget, which is always good news to someone like me. And she inspires me to make more of what I have lessening the need to go find more "stuff".

Felt Like Stitchin' was a blog I discovered when I took up sewing earlier this year. It has taken me three years to be okay with taking ideas from others. I used to view it as stealing, now I see it as inspiration. This is a blog full of inspiration to new projects and challenges.

And finally there's Mel's Encounters, which is not a craft blog at all. Melanie is a dear friend I met while doing my DTS on the Pacific Ruby taking medical supplies, doctors and optomotrists through the South Pacific islands nearly 20 years ago. Mel is new to blogging, and her tales are narratives of quite profound encounters with her Lord. These are worth a read, as they're goosebump giving and heartfelt. Keep it up Mel.

Again, thanks so much Anna for awarding my little blog. As I'm sitting in the sun working on my latest project I keep smiling and feeling so happy that Kate, from Greedy for Colour encouraged me to start writing a blog almost three years ago. Blogland is a wonderful place to be!

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  1. Wow... Thanks! and the other four are new to me, so I'll be checking them out!