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Monday, January 16, 2012

My poor addled brain

I don’t quite know what’s wrong with me today but I just can’t turn my mind to anything for more than five minutes. I’ve started and/or worked on that many projects I am astounded. (I think raising children during summer holidays may be playing it’s part.)


This morning I tried to amuse the girls and we taught Janae to make these lovely cut out paper things . . . don’t know their right name.


Then I put the tent up in a bid to keep them amused and sat down to work on my latest dream big project that I’m not willing to share in detail until I know if it’s worked or not.


I couldn’t focus on that so I started on something I discovered while on holiday. This didn’t last long as the girls were fighting again by then. Thankfully this was also about the time my mum came to rescue me and took them home for lunch. (Rogan spent the day out and about with Granddad.)


I then decided that I’d start on some knitted lace that I also found on holiday. After casting on 138 tiny stitches and working through my first row (talking the instructions aloud so I didn’t mess up) I found that somehow I’ve read the pattern wrong and didn’t have the heart to cast on 138 stitches all over again. Maybe that will wait for tomorrow.


Finally I dug around for some green yarn and started this. I did the ripple first, but true to form today I didn’t stick at that for long as I didn’t like it. Then, while the children were swimming, I started the squares, which I’m loving and which go well with the ripple, but now the ripple isn’t going to be wide enough so I’ll have to do that again.

So the summer light is waning, it’s cooling down and there’s the most beautiful sunset outdoors so I’m off to catch the last of the light with a cold drink, my greens and my crochet hook and hope that tomorrow may be a more stable “mind” day. We’ll just have to see.

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