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Sunday, January 1, 2012

So much to share . . .


And it’s only the first day of the year.

I’ve been hinting at a big challenge I’ve set myself for this year and now it’s time for the big reveal. I have decided that I want to crochet one square a day every day of 2012. Some days, like today, I’ll crochet many more than just one, but during those times that I’m knitting or sewing or some other fun thing, I still want to keep to my challenge. I also would like to not buy yarn for these squares, but that may be pushing it a little bit. I’ll let you know how that goes.

And, when I’ve made up a square pattern myself I’m going to share it with you. DSCF2284

This Junior Headband pattern is just such a one. I’ll post the pattern at the bottom of the post. Be warned, however, pattern writing isn’t my forte and none of them will have been tested so if you’re trying one out and it’s not right please let me know so I can make any corrections.


We’ve also been giving the new Kenwood cake mixer a workout today. Kayley wanted to make cupcakes and while I absolutely adore standard icing (or frosting) I wanted to try something new. So we made up a marshmallow recipe. It’s way easy: Dissolve 1 dessert spoon of gelatine in one cup of boiling water and allow to cool to room temperature. Bung the cooled liquid into the mixer with the egg whisk attachment and add one cup of sugar. Beat the living daylights out of it then add approximately half a cup of icing sugar and keep beating until it’s thick and glossy. Pop it in a piping bag and away you go. We had so much of the stuff we put the rest into mini cupcake pans and they’ve set into soft and delicious homemade marshmallows that the kids are going to have with their icecream after dinner.


We also whipped up Julie Goodwin’s chocolate cake again. We dropped half of it up to Tony as he’s such a gem and mows my road front grass with his super-dooper ride-on mower with giant grass catcher attachment. He’s a retired man living alone so we thought he might struggle getting through a whole cake. Here’s hoping he loves it as much as we do.

And now for the pattern for the headband:

Materials Used
Bella Baby Layette cotton (4 ply cotton)
2mm crochet hook

Junior Headband
Chain 6, slip into 6th chain from hook to form ring.

Rnd 1: Chain 6, (= 1 dc, chain 3), 1 dc into ring. *Chain 3, 1 dc into ring. Repeat from * six times. Chain 3, slip into 3rd of starting chain 6 (8 3 chain spaces).

Rnd 2: Slip into first 3 chain space. Chain 1, *sc, hdc, dc, hdc, sc in 3 chain space**. Repeat *-** in each 3 chain space. Join with slip stitch into first single crochet (8 petals).

Rnd 3: Chain 6 (= 1dc, chain 3), dc in same. *Chain 4, dc between first and last sc of next and following petals. Chain 4, 1dc between next and following petals. Chain 3, 1 dc in same (corner made). Repeat from * around. Join with slip stitch into 3rd chain of starting 6 Chain.

Rnd 4: Slip into corner space. Ch 1, *2 sc, chain 2, 2 sc in corner. 4 sc in next two 4 chain spaces. Repeat from * around. Join with slip stitch into first single crochet and fasten off.

To join motifs
Follow Round 4 instruction across the first side of the square. When you get to the second corner:

2 sc, chain 1, slip stitch into 2 chain space of completed motif. 2 sc into current motif, 4 sc into four chain space, slip stitch between both four chain sets of completed motif, 4 sc into next four chain space on current motif. 2 sc, chain on into corner, slip stitch into 2 chain space in completed motif, 2 sc into current corner.

Complete the rest of the square following instructions from round 4.


I made four single thread twisted chains of equal length and attached them to the four outer corners. Be sure to attach them firmly so they don’t work loose during use. Alternatively, you could sew some elastic between the ends, but head measurements may be best for this so you end up with the correct size.

If you’re going to give this a go, I’d love some honest feedback about how it goes.

Tonight I’m going to be working on an adult headband and will attempt to write the pattern to go with it too.

On my next post I’ll share our first 2012 upcycle challenge. This one’s going to be real fun!

Happy New Year!! May yours be full of fun crafty challenges too!

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  1. Those cupcakes look yummy and I'm all for chocolate cake...I'll give the headband a try and let you know...