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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Yarn Shortages . . . always a dilemma


But not today as I have two birthdays to plan for now. I suddenly realised that while I’m beavering away on my mother’s blanket for her birthday and mentally planning Kayley’s it’s Kayley that birthdays first so I need to be doing some serious multi-tasking.


So when I realised that I was almost out of the light pink yarn for Mum’s blanket I wasn’t too disturbed that I’d not get into town for more until Thursday. I am a little disappointed that I’m so close to finishing the squares (only seven more to go . . . which at 45 minutes per square is still a while in real time, but not long in crochet time).

And I’ve been broGrey Blanketwsing through Pinterest in my spare time looking for more Granny square ideas. I was totally inspired by this blanket . . . from My Sister’s Knitter blog. I’m totally in love with the greys and whites and decided I NEEDED a blanket just like this.



So I went to my second favourite site (apart from Pinterest) Drops Designs on Garn Studio. They have some amazing patterns (mum’s blanket is from there). I trawled through so many patterns that might do the trick and settled on making a mono-chromatic square from here to see what I thought.


This is my result. I think I’ll need to make some more squares in varying shades of grey (don’t you love having a yarn stash?) before I make a decision. I’ll also need to find some different square designs too. So if you know of some I’d really appreciate links etc. I was toying with the idea of making this as a 500th post give-away. Again, any thoughts? So, it’s off to keep beavering away . . . no rest for the wicked my mother would say. Catch up soon!


  1. The squares are looking good! I've only made a few motif blankets, as I get very tired of the sewing involved..

    1. I agree about the sewing, but I tend to crochet my squares as I go. I do totally despise sewing in tails though, which is why I used to always stay away from multi colours motifs. Again, sewing them in as soon as the square is finished helps.