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Saturday, February 25, 2012



There are times when I feel like I don’t do enough things with my children. Sometimes I feel like our weekends have been wasted doing house work and gardens and things. So this weekend I decided we needed to go on an adventure. We went off to Te Puna Quarry Park.


I can’t believe I’ve lived in Tauranga most of my life and have never been here. So when Janae’s kindy informed us they’d won the grant for the music garden I felt it was the perfect time to go check it out.


We didn’t make it all the way to the top but the view from three quarters of the way up was amazing. It was just so hot. By the very nature of a quarry it’s sheltered and as the day wore on the heat just exploded. Next time we go we’ll start much earlier in the morning.


We stopped off at the music garden on our way up the hill. Paula (Te Puna Kindergarten’s head teacher) and her husband are doing a great job and the kids had a ball making a cacophony of sounds. Later, when we were down again and enjoying lunch in the shade we could hear others playing the instruments and the sounds echoed off the rocks. It was quite wonderful.


And on our way back down, who did we run into? Paula and her husband “planting” a new seat for parents to relax in the shade while their children play. She took some time to play some music with Janae. I can’t tell you how pleased Janae was as Paula is her absolute favourite teacher.


This is the amphitheatre and was probably my favourite spot. It was open and lush and had a lovely pond full of tadpoles and water lilies.


And the plants were awesome too. This is the flower of a Nikau palm. Bright purple and almost jewel like.

It really was a lot of fun and there is still over half the quarry we haven’t discovered yet. That’s for the next time we go.


And while the children lunched I got the first sock finished. It was quite lovely sitting in the shade listening to their chatter while I knitted.


Thank you Kayley for being my sock model. I’ve started the second but there were a few expletives I’m ashamed to say. I must have started at least five times. I can’t understand why the first sock was so simple to start and I had such problems with the second. However, the ribbing is done and we’re underway again.

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  1. Looks like it was a lovely day! And I know what you mean, why is it that sometimes the first time you try something is easier than the 2nd? That just seems strange right?