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Friday, February 3, 2012

Birthday Bliss


It’s my little darling’s 6th birthday today and here he is showing off his first haul of the day. Six this morning he was tapping me on the shoulder asking if he could have his gifts. Now I totally abhor being woken out of a sleep too early, but birthdays are the one day of the year when you can wake Mum at 6am and get away with it.




His favourite gift by far was his skate board. Apparently the kids at school called it “mean” and “cool” and “breakin” which I’m assuming are all good things.

But my little lad knew the Nanas were arriving for afternoon tea so he waited patiently all day to see what goodies they might give him.


My mum gave him this haul of swimming stuff. He has a fantasy of being a deep sea diver and, despite the deepest water around our home being the bath, he had to try it all on for size (the day was drawing to a close in this photograph so his smile was slipping a little). The other Nana gave him a Power Rangers set, which he hasn’t allowed me to photograph yet as it’s just too precious.



And between gift wrapping, birthday cake baking and general tidying up I’ve managed to whip up a couple of squares for the Gala Blanket. I laid out the two rows I have completed and I’m still in love with the muted colour combination.



Three more squares and I’ve got row three finished. And, in my search for square ideas and patterns tonight I’ve come across this website: www.yarncrazy.com. Now I’m usually well behind the eight ball so if you know about this forgive me. However, Chris Simon has designed some of the loveliest squares you’ve ever seen and she shares many of her patterns on the site, as well as selling E-Books to her patterns. And, what I love most, is that there’s a wee story that goes with each square telling us how she came up with the design, how it evolved or why she designed it. I love crochet with a history. If you’re looking for blanket or afghan ideas, this is the place to go.

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