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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Booties Baby


We had a birthday party to attend today and it was held at school where the children had loads of things to do, including swimming in the school pool. So, being completely addicted to crochet at the moment, I took a couple of projects along to do while chatting and making sure the children didn’t drown. My cousin, Bevan, and his wife just had their first baby and I found these lovely little booties on Megan Mills site a few days ago.


There were a couple of false starts and I’m sure the cuff on one is bigger than the other, but I’m still quite happy with them given the level of concentration required to make them. All I need to do now is get some white ribbon to lace through the eyelets and they’re ready for little Logan to wear. Although, in the heat we’re experiencing right now I’m not sure he’ll need them.


I’m also moving slowly along with the Gala blanket with one more square done today. It’s slow going as I’m having to work at my computer (hence the terrible photographs) in the evenings. I’m loath to buy ink cartridges for my printer as they cost more than buying a whole new printer so it’s currently stashed in my wardrobe so it doesn’t take up space on the desk. However, I’m thinking I may have to splash out soon and get some ink. This square is from Yarn Crazy. Chris’s original square is much bigger, with two lots of butterflies, however, with the size constraints of the squares I already have I had to only do one set of butterflies. I still love this and think it would make a gorgeous baby blanket (hopefully I’ll have a friend requiring one in the not too distant future).


And this star is also one of Chris’s for her Star Overlay square. Unfortunately my photographic skills tonight leave a lot to be desired and I’m sure I’ll have a better photograph for you tomorrow. Well, here’s hoping anyway.

And, finally, I need to apologise for the big rant I’ve had about my darlings over the past couple of weeks. They’re such treasures really, and we’ve had a gorgeous couple of days. I felt so guilty as I watched them play together after dinner having battles with Rogan’s new Power Rangers. We have the odd glitch during the day, but they’re still so precious even when they’re behaving like caged animals. Bring on tomorrow and all the joys it may hold.

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